Sewage Treatment Plant – ETP

Numerous State Pollution Control Boards have made Sewage Treatment Plants compulsory; this system is a necessity as we move towards a greener future. The Effluent Treatment Plant is a very compact design that is tailor made according to the premise requirement and requires very less foot-print to accommodate. First the effluent samples are analysed and tested for nature, composition and treatability. Treatment schemes are designed according to the requirement of the sample but the principle of ETP is PhysicoChemical treatment followed by the appropriate polishing treatments such as Sand Filtration, Activated Charcoal Treatment (Adsorption), Ozonisation (Chemical Oxidation), etc.

Ultra Filtration Plant & Water Softener Plant

The Ultra Filtration Plant is used for the removal of particulates and macromolecules from raw water to make it potable. It has been used to either replace existing (secondary) sedimentation and tertiary filtration and chlorination systems employed in water-treatment plants. The Water softening plant utilises strong acidic cation exchange in sodium forms. The sodium ions are exchanged for Calcium & magnesium ions which form low hardness thus making the water soft.

Heat Pump / Pressure Pump

The heat pump system we use is fully automatic for safety of equipment and has a powder coated body. Designs can be customised according to the client’s needs to provide high efficiency, low annual operation costs and make it more environment friendly. It comes with various safety measures such as hot water temperature display, low pressure and high pressure cut-out, and under voltage/over voltage/single phase/reverse phase preventer.

A pressure pump is a pump with some sort of electrical switch on it which turns the pump off when the system pressure reaches a pre-set point, sometimes this is fixed and sometimes it is adjustable. A booster pump increases low pressure and flow; it provides the extra boost needed to bring your water pressure to the desired level. A water booster pump provides pressure to move water from a storage tank or throughout a whole house or commercial facility.

Purified Water System (Pharma)

Purified water is used in pharmaceutical application such as preparation of heavy pharmaceutical products and cleaning of certain equipment and systems. For water to be rendered purified it is passed through different types of industrial water purification systems including distillation, filtration, RO and ion exchange. However, other suitable procedures such as ultra filtration can also be used according to necessity.